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Queen of Hearts

My favourite playing card is the Queen of Hearts – I’m not sure why, it just has the most personality, and probably reminds me of Alice in Wonderland… I also consider myself a self-proclaimed sort of Queen of Hearts, given that if something is heart shaped, I’ll be the first in line to buy it!

When looking for greetings cards in my local shops recently, I’ve not been very enamoured with the choice available. I used to make stacks of cards in my early crafty days (we are talking at least a decade ago – wow, that can’t be true! I spent hours crafting tiny figurines and items out of fimo, to bake then attach to the front of cards. But they took an age, and weren’t very post friendly – so they were for special, “see on the day of their birthday” friends only!




Since then, the market has been flooded with gorgeous ‘hand finished’ (not the same as hand made – printed then someone somewhere sticks a diamonte on them, I guess) cards. So I kind of moved onto other things.

But today, I decided to give my rusty card skills a go, so that I could send someone exactly the card I wanted to. Here’s the two I’ve made, using tiny layered hearts (of course). Hope you like!


Jane x

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