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…I’m half crazy all for the love of these gorgeous little earrings. With solid silver petals and a twinkly central pink, lemon or lilac gemstone, I hope you fellow floral lovers go crazy for them too. And for those who like matching sets, there’s a lovely necklace in the same daisy design, hurrah!

Happy Saturday little lovebirds

Jane x



…that although she has had a sad time recently,  she has learnt to take the time to really appreciate the things that remind her that life can be wonderful. Like a sunrise that takes your breath away, the first blossom that signals the end of a hard winter, or stopping to hear a bird singing in the trees.

With this necklace, there is always one little bird singing, making the world a happier place.

With much love,

Jane x


You definitely will be addicted to this one, and it’s a lot less stressful than the tappy kind too! Now, I am not a gym bunny, but one of my favourite things is a long walk with my husband in Kent. Well, when I say long walk I mean a few miles walk, with a massive pub lunch in the middle, and then a few miles waddle back to the car.

When my family came to stay last year, we took them on my favourite walk and my Dad kept eating blackberries on the way round. Not sure where he got them from or exactly where I’m going with this, but… anyway, don’t eat this one – it’s much nicer to wear!

Jane x


…great oaks grow.

I must admit, I absolutely love this little acorn! At approximately 12mm long by 9mm wide, this miniature silver nut has a reassuring weight and quality, without looking chunky. Tucked away within its dimpled shell, a tiny tawny coloured gem sparkles discreetly.

This little acorn would make the perfect gift to yourself or for a friend, as a reminder that their little seeds of effort can truly achieve great things.
Jane x


Ooh I’ve had a lovely birthday this year! I had a very nice weekend away with my hubby, and felt very lucky to receive lots of nice cards and pressies from my lovely family and friends. And, although I usually make jewellery for other people, this week I made something just for me.

I can’t seem to stop buying clothes absolutely covered in flowers, butterflies and birds. They’re just so pretty and girly. At a certain age, this might begin to look strange so I should probably try and curb it a bit.. however jewellery is an exception and I’m not giving up any girlyness in that area!

So here is my birthday treat – a pretty silver butterfly necklace with my name etched into it, and three tiny pink, lilac and clear gemstones sparkling on the wing. Ahh, happy returns to me!

Jane x



…might smell sweeter, but would they look as sweet? Last week, my lovely hairdresser Toni asked if I could design a necklace for her four bridesmaids. She is getting married this summer and is struggling to find a necklace to go with the gorgeous fifties style dresses she has bought for them.

Talking through the style of her wedding, roses are a big feature – from summer roses in the bouquets, to chocolate roses tumbling down the wedding cake. So I’ve designed an adorable miniature rose complete with a tiny central pale pink gem for each bridesmaid to wear, and keep as a memento of the big day. And they will last a lot longer than I imagine that yummy looking cake will..

Jane x

With Valentines Day just four days away, it’s the perfect excuse for me to make this loved up little necklace. Wouldn’t you love this to drop through your door on the 14th

I wanted to give it a bit of a vintagey and romantic feel – what says vintage romance more than a handwritten love letter? With hand-engraved writing and a sparkly red Love Bird Love gem seal, this little silver envelope also feels lovely to wear and warms up nicely against your skin (very important this chilly February!) 

Shhh, but this could be a personal favourite of mine…

Jane x

Despite the ground currently being so frozen, one vegetable has made it through the cold – and is the proud new addition to my collection. The little pea pod! My little sister’s birthday is coming up soon, and I wanted to make something special for her. When I went brunette last year, friends couldn’t believe how alike my sisters and I look, like “peas in a pod” and it got me thinking about a potential design.. So I set about with my silver, and several hours of sanding, polishing and refining later, here it is!

My sisters and I – the 3 peas in this pod. I can make pods with any number of peas, depending on how many sisters, best friends or children you have, topped off with a tiny green Love Bird Love gem that sparkles in the light – I hope you like!

Jane x