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Happy Paper Anniversary, Beth and Chris!

I was delighted to be asked to decorate my sister’s wedding cake last year, for Beth and Chris’s beautiful snowy wedding (it was so snowy, everyone got stuck there the next day!) So it was really lovely to be asked to make Beth’s one year anniversary present for Chris this year. I’ve had several requests for [...]

Once upon a time…

I was so excited to receive my lovely friend Danielle’s wedding invitation last year. And everyone loves a beautiful winter wedding to brighten up an otherwise depressing January! There was no gift list, but I know Danielle is a fan of personalised gifts and of Love Bird Love, so I wanted to make her something really special and unique [...]

Another little prince is born…

It wasn’t just the future King born recently, there was also another little prince born in the best city in the world, Newcastle. My cousin had her third little boy – Elliott. Isn’t he just adorable? I love giving people one-off gifts, and presents with meaning behind them – they are really special to receive and [...]

Anyone for dominoes?

So… Father’s Day was this month. And what to buy my Dad?? Well it was the usual toss up between coffee creams, socks or the latest John Grisham book. Seriously, as my family all resort to the same fail-safe gift list for all occasions, Dad must have a secret room stockpiled high with the stuff. Either that, or he’s making [...]

Queen of Hearts

My favourite playing card is the Queen of Hearts – I’m not sure why, it just has the most personality, and probably reminds me of Alice in Wonderland… I also consider myself a self-proclaimed sort of Queen of Hearts, given that if something is heart shaped, I’ll be the first in line to buy it! When [...]

If I only had a heart…

Just a teensy update as this mum is heading off to bed in a minute (I know, I know – party animal!) to let you know how I’m getting on with my decoupage - and the truth is, I am finding it strangely addictive! I am currently working on a memory box to keep our daughter’s very first baby things and early [...]