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Anyone for dominoes?

So… Father’s Day was this month. And what to buy my Dad?? Well it was the usual toss up between coffee creams, socks or the latest John Grisham book. Seriously, as my family all resort to the same fail-safe gift list for all occasions, Dad must have a secret room stockpiled high with the stuff. Either that, or he’s making a mint reselling them on Amazon.


dominoes before


This year, I wanted to give him something a bit different – and meaningful. I have very fond memories of visiting country pubs with my parents on family holidays as a child, playing dominoes by a roaring fire. So one day in one of my favourite ‘good find’ shops, I got my hands on an old box of dominoes and a map of the area where my Dad grew up. After priming the box and lid, I chose sections with places he grew up, where family lived or where he had fond memories of and carefully covered the old box. To make it even more special, I added our nickname for him to the lid – so no-one else will be taking those home by mistake after a few shandies!


dominoes after


Yay! Dad seems to love them. I think I might be inspired to personalise some old classic wooden box games (pic-a-stix, card games) as I like the idea of taking your own retro game to take on a camping hol, after Sunday lunch in the pub etc. Hope you like!


Jane x

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