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Queen of Hearts

My favourite playing card is the Queen of Hearts – I’m not sure why, it just has the most personality, and probably reminds me of Alice in Wonderland… I also consider myself a self-proclaimed sort of Queen of Hearts, given that if something is heart shaped, I’ll be the first in line to buy it! When [...]

If I only had a heart…

Just a teensy update as this mum is heading off to bed in a minute (I know, I know – party animal!) to let you know how I’m getting on with my decoupage - and the truth is, I am finding it strangely addictive! I am currently working on a memory box to keep our daughter’s very first baby things and early [...]

The icing on the cake

Ooh I do love a bit of sugarpasting! I experimented with this roll-out icing a few years ago now, and then went on a half day course at an amazing cake shop in London to find out the tricks of the trade to put that more professional finish to my decorating. We got lots of free ‘cut [...]