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I was delighted to be asked to decorate my sister’s wedding cake last year, for Beth and Chris’s beautiful snowy wedding (it was so snowy, everyone got stuck there the next day!) So it was really lovely to be asked to make Beth’s one year anniversary present for Chris this year.

Beth & Chris

I’ve had several requests for personalised ‘Once Upon a Time’ framed pictures since making Danielle and Fraser’s last month, which is really nice – because I LOVE working on them! It’s so nice to hear exactly how people met and how their love story unfolds, and capture quirky details to make a lasting gift which is unique to them - I could put together a pretty lovely book of fairytales based on the ones I’ve worked on so far!

B&C frame

So here is Chris and Beth’s ‘Once Upon a Time…’, in black, white and silver to match the colour scheme for their gorgeous winter wedding (as always, you can click in for a closer read). If you fancy having one made for your own anniversary gift, or a wedding gift for someone else – do get in touch, I’d love to help.

close up B&C 1


close up B&C 2

 Jane x



I was so excited to receive my lovely friend Danielle’s wedding invitation last year. And everyone loves a beautiful winter wedding to brighten up an otherwise depressing January! There was no gift list, but I know Danielle is a fan of personalised gifts and of Love Bird Love, so I wanted to make her something really special and unique which would mean a lot to her and Fraser.

I thought it would be nice for them to look back on their life together so far, as well as including all those special details about their big day, which Danielle had worked hard on – so… I decided to write their own personal fairytale.


Obviously Danielle and I, and our good friend Gemma have known each other for years, so I had some little gems of knowledge to include already. But I also listened in on her wedding plans intently over a glass of bubbly at Christmas, and roped in her helpful fiancé to give me some other secret details, though I didn’t tell him what for!

frame2 frame3

Inspired by my vintage typewriter – I chose to use a lovely typewriter style font, arranging the wording of their story in different size fonts within a pink heart backdrop (to fit in with their colour scheme), to create quirky highlights in their journey together. I typed their names and wedding date below to stand out, and finished it off nicely by popping it in an ornate silver frame.


The big day came and oh my, it was gorgeous – Danielle looked stunning in a beautiful, strapless lace wedding gown, and Fraser looked the perfect Scottish gentleman – very appropriate for Burns Night. Every last detail was covered from beautiful lace covered glass jars tied to the ceremony chairs, to umbrellas and beautiful pashmina’s in baskets in the ladies toilets, and fabulous after dinner cocktails and cupcakes.

frame5 frame 6

All set amongst the perfectly romantic backdrop of Brinkburn Priory, a lot of warming Winter Pimms and far too many beautiful cupcakes were consumed (not all me, obviously!) We sneaked up to their room during drinks, and left their gift on their bed, alongside a ‘Little treat for you’ basket with chocolates and bubbly, and Gemma’s Vera Wang champagne flutes – for the couple to enjoy that night.

cupcakes2 frame 8

Anyway, enough of my blabbering, I’ll let you read Danielle and Fraser’s fairytale for yourself! (As usual, you can click into the photos for a closer look). If you’re a fan of this, you’ll probably like my ‘And then she said yes!’ personalised engagement cards I’m working on at the moment too :)


Massive congrats, Mr & Mrs McInnes xxx


It wasn’t just the future King born recently, there was also another little prince born in the best city in the world, Newcastle. My cousin had her third little boy – Elliott. Isn’t he just adorable?

Tamsin 3

I love giving people one-off gifts, and presents with meaning behind them – they are really special to receive and can be kept for years down the line to look back on happy occasions. So I made this vintage heart map framed picture for my cousin and her husband to mark this special day. Aside from recording Elliott’s date, weight and time of birth, this also marks the place where Elliott first cuddled his mummy and daddy. You can click into the photos for a closer look.

tamsin 6

tamsin 5

I loved working on this, and have a couple more special occasions to map out for other friends and family, so will update the blog when those gifts have been given!

Jane x

If you ask my friends and family to name something they associate with me, they may well say cookies. Which is slightly shameful. But fairly true. I LOVE cookies. As far as I’m concerned Millie should be knight(ess)ed for her services to the UK with her giant cookies. I honored her by serving them for dessert at our wedding, hurrah! (They were followed closely by After Eights, my other guilty pleasure).

Er right… enough of my dreaming in chocolate… I also love making my own cookies for friends and family. As you will know from my earlier post, sugarpasting things is ace. And cookies give me the chance to make something really special and detailed with icing.




It was tricky getting the cookie recipe itself right at first – to get the taste right alongside a good consistency for decorating – but now my vanilla or chocolate cookies get good feedback. I made these for our wedding favours (who doesn’t love a butterfly?? Perhaps my husband, but he was overruled!)


cookies butterfly


Please forgive the unseasonal posts, but my spooky cookies usually go down well at Halloween…


halloween cookies


…and I just love the smell of spiced orange cookies at Christmas. Mmmmmm!


christmas cookies2


Hope you like (despite some of the truly dodgy camera work by moi, whoops!)

Jane x

So… Father’s Day was this month. And what to buy my Dad?? Well it was the usual toss up between coffee creams, socks or the latest John Grisham book. Seriously, as my family all resort to the same fail-safe gift list for all occasions, Dad must have a secret room stockpiled high with the stuff. Either that, or he’s making a mint reselling them on Amazon.


dominoes before


This year, I wanted to give him something a bit different – and meaningful. I have very fond memories of visiting country pubs with my parents on family holidays as a child, playing dominoes by a roaring fire. So one day in one of my favourite ‘good find’ shops, I got my hands on an old box of dominoes and a map of the area where my Dad grew up. After priming the box and lid, I chose sections with places he grew up, where family lived or where he had fond memories of and carefully covered the old box. To make it even more special, I added our nickname for him to the lid – so no-one else will be taking those home by mistake after a few shandies!


dominoes after


Yay! Dad seems to love them. I think I might be inspired to personalise some old classic wooden box games (pic-a-stix, card games) as I like the idea of taking your own retro game to take on a camping hol, after Sunday lunch in the pub etc. Hope you like!


Jane x

My favourite playing card is the Queen of Hearts – I’m not sure why, it just has the most personality, and probably reminds me of Alice in Wonderland… I also consider myself a self-proclaimed sort of Queen of Hearts, given that if something is heart shaped, I’ll be the first in line to buy it!

When looking for greetings cards in my local shops recently, I’ve not been very enamoured with the choice available. I used to make stacks of cards in my early crafty days (we are talking at least a decade ago – wow, that can’t be true! I spent hours crafting tiny figurines and items out of fimo, to bake then attach to the front of cards. But they took an age, and weren’t very post friendly – so they were for special, “see on the day of their birthday” friends only!




Since then, the market has been flooded with gorgeous ‘hand finished’ (not the same as hand made – printed then someone somewhere sticks a diamonte on them, I guess) cards. So I kind of moved onto other things.

But today, I decided to give my rusty card skills a go, so that I could send someone exactly the card I wanted to. Here’s the two I’ve made, using tiny layered hearts (of course). Hope you like!


Jane x

Just a teensy update as this mum is heading off to bed in a minute (I know, I know – party animal!) to let you know how I’m getting on with my decoupage - and the truth is, I am finding it strangely addictive! I am currently working on a memory box to keep our daughter’s very first baby things and early memories, but in the meantime…

I couldn’t resist making just one little hanging heart. Hearts, like birds - they are always welcome in my home. There is always another nail, door handle or twig to hang them from!




Hope you like!

Jane x

Ooh I do love a bit of sugarpasting! I experimented with this roll-out icing a few years ago now, and then went on a half day course at an amazing cake shop in London to find out the tricks of the trade to put that more professional finish to my decorating. We got lots of free ‘cut off’ cakes, so I felt pretty sick by the end of the day(!) but I trundled home very happy with the lovely little individual cakes I’d made:

mini cakes


Since then, I’ve been pretty much addicted to sugarpasting. I love how precisely you can work with this icing, and just how pretty the finished product can be. I had the honour to be asked to make wedding cakes for friends and family, and loved contributing to their special day. I even decorated our own wedding cake (don’t think I had enough to do making our own stationery, decorations, favours) whoops – but it just wouldn’t have felt right to have someone else do it! My Mum made the actual cake though, because simply put, her fruit cake rocks!

Here are a couple of my favourites which I’ve worked on:


Beth and Chris’s sparkly winter wedding cake:

Beth and Chris Cake

Gemma and Mark’s pale pink and lilac individual cakes wedding number (oops wonky camera shot!):



Our wedding cake (bias I know, but my husband will still appreciate the scooter!)

our cake


I’ll post again soon with some of my decorated cookies I’ve given as gifts. In the meantime, put your feet up on the sofa and have a bit of cake. It is Sunday after all…

Jane x



One of my customers, Leigh ordered a pea pod necklace with 3 tiny silver peas representing her 3 gorgeous children – Dylan, Lola and Isaac (above – aren’t they adorable!) She made a special request for me to engrave each child’s initials on the back, so she could literally keep them close to her heart. 


I’m thrilled that Leigh loved her necklace so much, she wanted to treat her Mum Pat to a sweet little bird necklace for Mother’s Day, and Lola to a named butterfly necklace for her birthday.  I’m delighted to work on such special pieces, and it is lovely to think that there are 3 generations wearing Love Bird Love jewellery!

Jane x



My sister and I sent this rose necklace to our lovely Mum, as she is born in June and so this is her birth flower. In my opinion the rose is one of the loveliest flowers around, which is very fitting for my Mum. I love the way the edge of each unfolding petal catches the light to highlight its beautiful shape.

I hope any other mums who opened a Love Bird Love box this morning enjoy their gift just as much!

Sent with lots of love

Jane, and Beth x